Freak the Mighty Web Quest

Welcome to the Freak the Mighty Web Quest!!!!

As Freak and Max enjoyed their quest, you will be on a quest also.

We have briefly discussed some key topics while reading Freak the Mighty. Now, you will explore a topic to become an expert and to report back and teach to the class. The topics were based on your responses that were added to our Wonder Wall.

The topics are King Arthur, Quest and Chivalry, Morquio Syndrome and learning disabilities.

You will follow a web quest using the internet to gather your information on your topic. Your responses should be recorded in your journals.


Group 1: Quests and Chivalry

First, click here to visit
In your journal, write your own definition of what the term “chivalry” means.
Give four examples of how someone might act in a “chivalrous” way.

What is the Code of Chivalry?
What is the significance of the round table?

Group 2: King Arthur

First, google the definition of a fable. In your journal, write the definition of fable and write the meaning in your own words.

Visit this website  to learn about the Legend of King Arthur  and to answer the following questions.
1. What task did Arthur have to complete to become king?
2. Who is Guinevere?
3. What was the name King Arthur’s castle?

Does Freak tell an accurate story of King Arthur and Guinevere? How do you know?

Group 3: Morquio Syndrome

First, visit the following link to learn more about this disease.

What are the symptoms of this disease?

What symptoms of Morquio Syndrome does Kevin have in the story? List three of them.

Watch the video below about a young girl’s struggle with Morquio Syndrome. What difficulties do the parents describe about raising a child with this disease?
Visit this link  to read more about Bella and her story. You can leave a positive message in her guest book and view her most current pictures.

Group 4: Learning Disabilities

Max has a learning disability. Look at these descriptions of learning disabilities.

Take notes on dyslexia, auditory, and memory learning disabilities

1. Which signs of learning disabilities do you see in Max in the novel?
2. Which learning disability do you think he might have?

People generally understand that it is unacceptable to tease or harass a person based on their race, religion, or culture. So why do we hear people use the word “retarded” to imply that something is stupid so often?

Read this article and respond to the questions below.

1. Does it change the way you think about the word “retarded”?
2. Think back to Section 5, how would you respond if someone called Bella “retarded”?
3. How do you think Bella would feel if she heard someone call her retarded?






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