The light that started the flame

A year ago, I would not have believed that I would be committing to writing for 31 days. Don’t get me wrong….I enjoy writing, but I never held myself to a daily standard to write.

You ask what changed? Three words… Summer Writing Institute. If you have not participated in one, I would find one quickly. Like right now. Of course, after you read my post.

The Summer Institute changed my life. It became theraputic like a daughter that begins to see a therapist because she thinks that she is turning into her mother. We wrote using Taco Bell sauce packets, songs and even phrases from OPI nail polish bottles as our daily inspirations.

As my love of writing grew, I didn’t realize that a bond was growing for the other educators   that gave up three weeks of their summer vacation as well. We talked, shared and ran writing marathons. Those marathons were miles that stretched from quaint coffee shops to cemeteries. Yes, a cemetary.

These great times have been etched into my heart.

I only hope that I turn my marathon into a relay race passing the love of writing to my students.




6 thoughts on “The light that started the flame”

  1. I am jealous. But, just as you are nervous to commit to the SOL challenge, I’m super nervous to commit to writing for three weeks of my summer. It’s on my bucket list, though. Here is the sentence that cemented the Summer Writing Institute to my bucket list: It became therapeutic like a daughter that begins to see a therapist because she thinks that she is turning into her mother. Now it’s a necessity!


  2. I’m sure you will translate that passion for writing to your students! It came through in your writing completely…and I’m jealous of your experience! I hope someday I have the chance to be at a summer writing institute like that!


  3. Thanks for sharing your experience of participating in a Summer Writing Institute. The comradery you formed with other participants sounds like what occurred during my Masters cohort. One of our profs was a poet so he valued sharing writing. It was my favourite course. I’ll have to start enquiring what is in my area for a Summer Institute as it’ll inspire my writing.


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