Satisfied with a good book

Today, I was briefly talking with a good friend with a good book in a lap. I shared with her what my book was about. Then, she shared a popular Facebook friend that posts daily. As I sat there patiently waiting for a meeting to end, I was content with reading my book. I consistently glanced up to view my son and I noticed others with a device in their hands. The tip of their fingers were sliding upward, sliding across and sliding downward.

I’m not writing this to say that you will not see me at some point with the tip of MY finger sliding upwards, sliding across and sliding downwards.

However, I truly enjoy the feel of turning each page between my fingers being satisfied with a good book.


One thought on “Satisfied with a good book”

  1. I agree, I also love the feel of the pages between my fingers, the heft of a book in hand, and being able to quickly see how many pages until the next chapter. Keep enjoy books the old-fashioned way.


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