3rd day of spring break…

Today, I spent time blanching vegetables to freeze and spring cleaning. It didn’t feel much like spring cleaning as it was 38 degrees today, but I did as tradition would want me to do.

Al work and no play makes me this spring break dull. So after an hour long nap, my youngest son and I went to the movies to see Kong Skull Island. Without given the story away let’s just say that Kong could easily fit in with World Wrestling Entertainment as he defends his home. A crew of scientists, Army soldiers, a photographer and others are led to Skull Island on false pretenses. Well a few of scientists knew that Skull Island was King Kong’s humble abode.  However, I was disappointed in the role self-involved role of Samuel L. Jackson, Army captain.  Kong, the ladies man, shows a sweet spot to Bre Larson. There are moments when I almost leaped out of my seat because of the sudden appearance of Kong’s antagonist, a huge creature called a Skullcrawler. Yes, I wouldn’t consider Kong being the antagonist in this movie. He shows a more empathetic role in this one.

I would recommend seeing it.


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