Monday after spring break…reflections

Arrived early Of all days my stomach is upset. No coffee, how will I make it through the day.

Awake since 3:00 a.m. not because of excitement. It must have been the chocolate soy milk.

1st period- bright cheerful; gleaming with excitement,

2nd period- basically asleep with their eyes open, yet responsive,

3rd- planning (make copies – vocabulary),

4th period- talkative and alert….Did my head swell, all of a sudden my headband is squeezing my head until it hurts,

5th- unresponsive, sleepy after lunch,

6th- going through the motions, yet responsive,

7th- talkative and alert.

Ending my day with posting grades, straightening my desk and tidying my room.

Ahhh, I made it my first day back.


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