Last day of spring break, What’s next.

Well, this is it. Today is my last day of spring break.

It was finally warm (65 degrees) enough to enjoy being outside. Despite, the extreme cold, I must say that it’s been a busy week. I didn’t get everything that I wanted to get done, but I still accomplished a lot. I won’t go into details. Trust me, it was a lot.

Believe it or not, I am looking forward to getting back into my classroom. I miss the routine, conversations with my students and other teachers. This feeling may not last for very long, but this is how I feel now.

I’m really looking forward to the last 9 weeks of school. I’m trying something new… I’m not teaching a unit or not with an essential question. I’m spending  to introduce my students to as many different nonfictional genres that I can find that might interest them. I have excerpts of autobiographies, speeches, memoirs, documentaries, articles, etc. We will look at contrasting points of view, how the text is structured, how text features can aid in understanding and so on.  We typically score the least on the state test, so wish me luck in improving in this area.






Allergy haze…..

I spent my entire day in a haze                                                                                                         Dosing every hour and awake in a daze.

Was it  a good idea to take an allergy pill?                                                                                             Was it worth it to rid the runny, blurry eyes and the itchy feel?

At the end my day, I really can’t say if it was really worth it.                                                                   But, I shall not have another day like this to say that I have  been so limited.

I didn’t get much done today. I was able to get started on some professional writing that I’m working on. So, it was a totally lose. Hopefully better tomorrow.

3rd day of spring break…

Today, I spent time blanching vegetables to freeze and spring cleaning. It didn’t feel much like spring cleaning as it was 38 degrees today, but I did as tradition would want me to do.

Al work and no play makes me this spring break dull. So after an hour long nap, my youngest son and I went to the movies to see Kong Skull Island. Without given the story away let’s just say that Kong could easily fit in with World Wrestling Entertainment as he defends his home. A crew of scientists, Army soldiers, a photographer and others are led to Skull Island on false pretenses. Well a few of scientists knew that Skull Island was King Kong’s humble abode.  However, I was disappointed in the role self-involved role of Samuel L. Jackson, Army captain.  Kong, the ladies man, shows a sweet spot to Bre Larson. There are moments when I almost leaped out of my seat because of the sudden appearance of Kong’s antagonist, a huge creature called a Skullcrawler. Yes, I wouldn’t consider Kong being the antagonist in this movie. He shows a more empathetic role in this one.

I would recommend seeing it.

1st Day of Spring Break included…

  1. Waking up at 6:22a.m. after a restless night.
  2. Getting my brakes serviced on my car.
  3. Buying a cute spring jacket at JCP.
  4. Eating a free Backyard Turkey burger combo.
  5. Buying a new book at Lifeway.
  6. Taking a two hour nap.
  7. Working out for an hour

Most of these were planned events, which means not many errands to run later in the week. At least that’s my logic. All in all, it was a good day.

I must cook tomorrow. 🙂

Today was tough.

What is this monster that robs daily lives and just life,

What is this that needs treatment so strong that it burns and causes strife.

What is this that strips your hair, nerves and weight,

What is this that hopefully it caught before it’s too late.

What is this that claims the lives of some daily, yet allows others to live on.

But by faith, good spirit and the help of others, looking forward to a new dawn.


I’m praying for everyone who is battling cancer and the families that are in this fight as well. Seeing my brother-in-law in good spirits, laughing, joking and eating well, I’m hopeful and prayerful that he will live on.



Satisfied with a good book

Today, I was briefly talking with a good friend with a good book in a lap. I shared with her what my book was about. Then, she shared a popular Facebook friend that posts daily. As I sat there patiently waiting for a meeting to end, I was content with reading my book. I consistently glanced up to view my son and I noticed others with a device in their hands. The tip of their fingers were sliding upward, sliding across and sliding downward.

I’m not writing this to say that you will not see me at some point with the tip of MY finger sliding upwards, sliding across and sliding downwards.

However, I truly enjoy the feel of turning each page between my fingers being satisfied with a good book.

Jigsaw Discussion

I posted last week about trying the jigsaw learning strategy with my 7th grade reading remediation class.  I believe that it was a success. My goal was to have them discuss  and make connections with key topics found in Freak the Mighty.

The only problem that I ran into as a particular “expert” group that did not complete their research in a timely manner. Because of this, a topic was fully discussed within those groups.

All in all, I will use this strategy again.

One more added in the teaching toolkit.