Uncanny Shopping

At 3:30, I left school scurrying to get some of my errands complete. I went by Old Navy, Sam’s Club and Aldi. In my area, these stores have a history of long lines regardless of the day or time. To my surprise, they were vacant. I was able to walk straight to the checkout lines and check-out. No lines, no waiting.

For whatever the reason, I’m thankful to still return home by 6:00.

Day 22

10 more posts…

I must say that I’m growing weary as I get closer to my goal to write daily for the entire month of March. I can see the finish line, but it’s gradually moving away. “I must stick with it.” I tell myself. “What will the boys think when they check your blog and you stop not stopped, but quit.”

I’m not a quitter. Unless, I really think that I’m wasting my time.

Writing is never a waste.

I’ll forge on. 9 more post to go. 🙂

Monday after spring break…reflections

Arrived early Of all days my stomach is upset. No coffee, how will I make it through the day.

Awake since 3:00 a.m. not because of excitement. It must have been the chocolate soy milk.

1st period- bright cheerful; gleaming with excitement,

2nd period- basically asleep with their eyes open, yet responsive,

3rd- planning (make copies – vocabulary),

4th period- talkative and alert….Did my head swell, all of a sudden my headband is squeezing my head until it hurts,

5th- unresponsive, sleepy after lunch,

6th- going through the motions, yet responsive,

7th- talkative and alert.

Ending my day with posting grades, straightening my desk and tidying my room.

Ahhh, I made it my first day back.

Ode to….. faithfulness


This poem expresses how I felt after a hearing today’s sermon.

How many times can you mess up,                                                                                                      give up and fess up?

And yet He’s still there.

How many times can the little engine that could try daily                                                               to be its best, but may fail?

And yet He’s still there.

How many times can you lose your patience,                                                                              temper and sometimes religion.

And yet He’s still there.

Seventy times seven,                                                                                                                              that’s why He’s still here.


Ode to…….. my planner


I received my new Erin Condren planner this week. Yes, I wait until they are 50% off to get the new year’s planner. It’s really not a hard wait. I wrote about my feelings about getting my new planner in this poem.

Ode to….my planner

You are bound by bright blooms, bursting bright stripes and budding flowers,

You are by month, day, even hours.


Time passes, yet you remain,

Whether engraved with to do’s, don’ts,  wills or wont’s.


You are my journal of many details

spreading a garden full of stories.





Last day of spring break, What’s next.

Well, this is it. Today is my last day of spring break.

It was finally warm (65 degrees) enough to enjoy being outside. Despite, the extreme cold, I must say that it’s been a busy week. I didn’t get everything that I wanted to get done, but I still accomplished a lot. I won’t go into details. Trust me, it was a lot.

Believe it or not, I am looking forward to getting back into my classroom. I miss the routine, conversations with my students and other teachers. This feeling may not last for very long, but this is how I feel now.

I’m really looking forward to the last 9 weeks of school. I’m trying something new… I’m not teaching a unit or not with an essential question. I’m spending  to introduce my students to as many different nonfictional genres that I can find that might interest them. I have excerpts of autobiographies, speeches, memoirs, documentaries, articles, etc. We will look at contrasting points of view, how the text is structured, how text features can aid in understanding and so on.  We typically score the least on the state test, so wish me luck in improving in this area.





Allergy haze…..

I spent my entire day in a haze                                                                                                         Dosing every hour and awake in a daze.

Was it  a good idea to take an allergy pill?                                                                                             Was it worth it to rid the runny, blurry eyes and the itchy feel?

At the end my day, I really can’t say if it was really worth it.                                                                   But, I shall not have another day like this to say that I have  been so limited.

I didn’t get much done today. I was able to get started on some professional writing that I’m working on. So, it was a totally lose. Hopefully better tomorrow.